Meatless Monday – Around the Globe

Around the Globe in 12 Healthy  Bites

I saw a piece about 12 foods around the globe you must eat before you die. Of course there were slim pickins’ with regard to vegetarian options and forget the health quotient – most of it was deep-fried. For this Meatless Monday post I decided to share my version of 12 healthy meat-free bites you should try around the globe:

  1. Morocco – Mint tea
    Sweet minty tea-like Wrigleys gum in a glass. Mint is an excellent tonic for digestion.
  2. The Middle East – Hummus
    With oil and tahini this dip is not low in fat but it is high in fiber and the raw garlic helps to boost the immune system.
  3. Belgium – Chocolate!
    Any kind will do but the healthier choice is dark chocolate with cocoa at a minimum of 70% and no unnecessary additives.
  4. New Zealand – Kiwifruit
    Originally named the Chinese gooseberry this fruit rivals the potassium content of a banana and the vitamin C in an orange.
  5. South Pacific – Coconut
    This superfood darling of recent times is chock full of fat, fibre and micronutrients. The water, oil and meat have been used in sweet and savoury dishes amongst various cultures.  See Coconut Research Center.
  6. Ethiopia – Misir wat with injera bread
    This boldly flavoured lentil stew with fermented gluten-free pancake-like bread forms a complete protein.
  7. Trinidad – Chickpea roti
    This dish reflects the various cultures found in Trinidad: Indian spices, a Caribbean vibe with nutritious garbanzo beans. (Usually known as doubles the original recipe calls for deep-frying. You can bake the bread instead. See post: “Seeing Doubles“)
  8. Indonesia – Gado Gado
    Vegetables, rice and a spicy peanut sauce make this iconic dish a complete meal of macro and micro nutrients.
  9. Mexico – Beans and rice
    A classic combination that tastes amazing in Mexico. Throw in some sweet peppers, corn and avocado for a colourful way to include some vegetables.
  10. Italy – Margherita Pizza
    Simple and delicious; All you need is (love) basil, tomato and mozzarella on dough.
  11. Jamaica – Rice and peas
    Yet another complete protein dish. In Jamaica peas can refer to any type of bean but this dish usually employs small red ones.
  12. India – Curried vegetables with a side order of grain (e.g. naan bread, rice)
    There are so many dishes from which to choose in the country with a reportedly high amount of vegetarians. Digestion-enhancing spices, luscious sauces, vegetables and sometimes cheese combine in richly-flavoured concoctions.

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