Orange You Glad!

Photo by Kimberley (c)2009
Photo by Kimberley (c)2009

Gung Hay Fat Choy!
It’s the year of the Wood Sheep in the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

Each Chinese New Year is associated with an animal and an element while every New Year is marked by symbolic foods that bring luck and fortune. Popular fruits include oranges and tangerines: mandarins are associated with wealth and tangerine with ‘luck’. The orange colour denotes gold.

Health is wealth.

Oranges are also auspicious for your health. Amongst the many nutrients oranges contain, the most notable are:

  • vitamin C – immune support, iron absorption and antioxidant impact
  • herperidin – this phytonutrient is said to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol
  • soluble fibre – beneficial effect on blood glucose and cholesterol levels
  • folate – involved in DNA production and supports neural health and the heart

Nutritionally, it is more advantageous to eat a whole orange rather than drink the juice. Raw also retains more nutrients than cooked. Zest some orange peel on top of your oatmeal or muesli, use the segments in a fennel and orange salad or use the juice to make a Moroccan tagine.

The peel is beneficial and is cold-pressed to produce an essential oil. An aromatherapeutic-grade orange essential oil is used in skin care*, uplifts mood, quells anxiety and acts as a digestive aid.

*This oil can be photo-toxic. Exercise caution before applying topically and consult with a trained aromatherapist for guidance on the proper use of this oil.*

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