Meatless Monday – On Your Mark, Get Set, Go

There seems to be a connection between cross-fit (intense workout program) and paleo diets (the ‘caveman’ diet). And I just saw an ad today that said “Eat meat and stop jogging.” Is it really true that animal flesh is the only way to go for fitness? Clearly on this Meatless Monday, I disagree.

Vegetarian/vegan athletes have a decided advantage when it comes to exercise and their dietary choice. The benefits of a plant-based diet are:

  • shorter recovery time
  • less inflammation
  • more antioxidants

Exercising can result in tissue inflammation, proliferation of free radicals and depleted bodies. Foods that help with tissue repair, fighting free radicals and restoring the body are commonplace in the vegetarian/vegan diet. The recommendation is to consume a ratio of 3:1 carbs to protein post-workout. The carbs help refuel the body and restore energy reserves while the protein is needed for muscle repair and rebuilding.

Suggested items for a post-workout snack:
water of course-stay hydrated; tart cherries for inflammation; blueberries for vitamin C (an antioxidant); almonds for protein; cereal, sweet potato or rice for carbs; protein powder in a banana-based smoothie

10 Post-Workout Raw Meals from One Green Planet

See previous post Meatless Monday – Man Meets Grill for a brief list of vegetarian/vegan athletes.


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