A Feast of Festivals

Not only is March National Nutrition Month, it is a month with some interesting food festivals happening locally: Ryerson Winter Vegfest and the Vegan Bake-off.

The Ryerson event, held at the university of the same name, promoted its Vegfest with the slogan “make fur history.” The usual suspects were in attendance: animal save organizations; poor students, vegan or not, clamouring for whatever free samples they can get; local businesses marketing their vegan-friendly food; and the Vegan-evangelists, zealously promoting a vegan lifestyle.

Toronto Pig Save & Wishing Well Sanctuary

It is also the seventh year for the Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-Off. It is my third year in attendance and second as a competing baker, (though I was there more for the experience than the win).

Food is all around us being celebrated, promoted and devoured. Participating in these events also affords the opportunity to educate and be educated about the foods we know and the foods we don’t. There’s no need to wait for a special occasion to participate in a feast-ival! Here are some things that happen frequently:

  • Enjoy free samples at the grocery store (but don’t be too greedy! Save some for the rest of us.)
  • Take advantage of promotional events at local restaurants and cafés.
  • Pick an ingredient of the month and centre your menu around it once a week/month or until it is all gone.
  • Organize a potluck with work colleagues, neighbours, family and/or friends.
  • Make your own feast-ival; I am. Inspired by the creativity exhibited by fellow bakers at the Bake-Off and armed with numerous cookbooks and mouth-watering recipes online, I have issued myself a monthly challenge to create a competition-worthy dish sans a competitive environment. Watch this space: Busy Bea Baking

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