Meatless Monday – Not Just for Breakfast

With St. Patrick’s Day imminent this Meatless Monday is featuring steel-cut oats.

Apparently oats grown in Ireland are the bomb. The steel-cut version are the least processed and require more water and a longer cooking time to make them soft and palatable.

3 cups water : 1 cup of steel-cut oats

Simply add a pinch of salt to the water and bring to a boil. Add the oats and reduce heat to medium/low. Cook for about 30 minutes until oats are done. It’s a good idea to check half way through just to see how the oats are making out. This is also a good time to add the extras. Here are some suggestions:

  • tahini and honey
  • peanut butter and jam
  • banana and peanut butter
  • maple syrup and walnuts
  • ‘date squares’ i.e. puréed dates with a bit of lemon juice, pinch of cinnamon and some brown sugar
  • saffron, cardamom, rosewater
  • cashew cream and dates
  • roast sweet potato, avocado, coconut aminos/soy sauce and crumbled nori
  • peanuts, cucumber, steamed carrots, scallions and a bit of hot sauce
  • any others you’d like to add to the list…?

The minimal processing allows steel-cut oats to retain their nutritional value and fibre content. Whether you dress them up sweet or savoury, they are not just for breakfast anymore.

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal

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