Meatless Monday – Easter Over Easy

The period of fasting and Lent is almost over. Easter and Passover is imminent and that means the ban on forbidden foods is lifted and celebratory feasts can begin! Whether you recognize the holidays or not, you will likely be exposed to lots of sugar, chocolate and eggs. Some are naturally vegetarian, some vegan and the others can be made either. This Meatless Monday presents a list of treats you may wish to stock up on for Friday:

  • Chocolate bunnies; milk chocolate for vegetarians and dark chocolate for vegans. Opt for the fair-trade offerings.
  • Eggs, eggs and more eggs! Decorated Easter eggs, Easter egg hunts, chocolate eggs, candy eggs and regular eggs in challah bread. Holiday breads tend to be enriched with sugar and eggs. To veganize, use maple syrup/agave to sweeten the bread and oil and turmeric to add the richness and colour that eggs would add.
  • Those horrific peeps (marshmallows in the shape of birds); pure sugar but likely contain gelatin. Make your own vegan marshmallows and colour them naturally with turmeric for chick yellow.

Vegan Easter recipes
Vegan Passover recipes





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