TNEL – Lent in Reverse

Forbidden foods

Leading up to Easter is Lent, a time where fasting is observed. Passover, which coincides with the timing of Easter, does not allow chametz foods (i.e. fermented grains) to be eaten during this 8 day Jewish holiday.

Battle of the Indulge – Showdown with the (chocolate) Easter bunny

I did the reverse of Lent and went from feasting to fasting. I believe in eating seasonally and this time of year saw many reasons to indulge in unprocessed sugar and treats:

Participating in the vegan bake-off; my birthday; long-drawn out winter blues and its accompanying carb cravings

Easter is a moveable feast meaning it doesn’t have a fixed date. It falls on the first Sunday post first full moon of spring in the northern hemisphere. While some are feasting at the end of Lent I shall be observing spring cleaning as it pertains to diet.

Spring signifies new beginnings and the move from heavy to light fare and the consumption of more raw food with less emphasis on cooked. To help the natural cleansing mechanisms of your body, try incorporating the following into your diet:

  • drink lots of water with lemon
  • eat salad made with baby greens e.g. arugula, kale, spinach etc.
  • eat seasonal fruits and vegetables e.g. berries, asparagus
  • have light soups e.g. miso with vegetables and seaweed
  • reduce sugar consumption
  • increase probiotics in your diet by eating fermented foods (eek that means chametz!)
  • replace comfort foods with healthier choices e.g. instead of a chocolate doughnut, have homemade nutella on a rice cake



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