Meatless Monday – Resourceful

Google anything to do with a meat-free diet and you get a plethora of hits, from recipes to information. It can be overwhelming to sift through it all so this Meatless Monday I decided to list a few useful links to help you start and/or continue your meatless journey.

  • Veggycation
    An education about vegetables. An Australian site extolling the virtues of home-grown vegetables and cooking methods. Related resources are available for download.
  • The Vegetarian Resource Group
    This site shares a wide variety of information and recipes. Their key words are health, environment and ethics.
  • Buzz Feed recipes
    These imaginative recipes are fairly straightforward and give you interesting options for vegan meals.
  • The Vegetarian Times
    Self-billed as the “the world’s largest collection of vegetarian recipes”
  • Happy Cow
    This online “healthy eating guide” provides an extensive list of vegetarian/vegan-friendly restaurants world-wide. There are also recipes, information on veg topics and a shop for your perusal.

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