Meatless Monday – A Spot of Tea

Sometimes recipe formulas for vegetarian/vegan food can be dry. A little twist can bring a lot of inspiration so today’s Meatless Monday post brings you some Tea Tips.

Tea leaves:

  • Use in a rub and apply to tofu.
  • Use a minute amount of leaves in a cookie dough.
  • Infuse milk (dairy or non-dairy) with tea leaves then strain before using. Milk can be used in custard (frozen or baked), cakes or pastry cream.

Tea bags:

  • Steep tea and use instead of water to cook rice.
  • Use in a marinade for tofu, tempeh or vegetables.
  • Make a vinaigrette using tea, oil and herbs.
  • Make a mulled drink. (Of course you could always be traditional and make a Chai Masala.)

Flavour combinations:

  • Jasmine, lemongrass or green tea with rice.
  • Green tea for an Asian-inspired salad (e.g. carrots, green onions, sweet peppers, soy sauce, bean sprouts).
  • Oolong and green tea cake anyone?
  • Darjeeling, Earl Grey or orange pekoe for desserts e.g. chocolate, cake, cookies, custard.
  • Lapsang Souchong in a vinaigrette for a sun-dried tomato, avocado, coconut bacon and kale salad.



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