Meatless Monday – The Problem with Being Vegan

I just saw a promo on the Food Network for a t.v. show entitled “The Worst Cooks in America”

The scene
Cooks and celebrity chefs sit in a circle, à la Alcoholics Anonymous meeting style, and a guy says in relation to how bad his cooking was “…it made everyone turn vegan…including the dog.”

Vegetarians often get the short end of the stick, vegans even more so, when it comes to socializing and food. Vegetarians fare better when it comes to public places of dining though. Most restaurants/cafés tend to have at least one item on the menu that is designated vegetarian and for the lacto-ovo peeps, there are a number of dishes made with dairy, eggs and vegetables and nary a piece of meat or gelatin in sight. However, following a vegan diet and eating communally in mixed company is a lot more challenging. This Meatless Monday post is an editorial on the problem with being vegan.

Part of the joy of food is being able to share it with others, either from a communal plate or the experience of mutually savouring a delectable dish. Vegans are often left on the sidelines of the snack table at a party much like a wallflower at the school dance. They often pack their own meal when invited to dinner parties and bring along some groceries to events where food is being offered freely to the guests.

There are positives too of course:

  • health benefits associated with a plant-based diet
  • creative cuisine (who knew cashews and chickpea brine could do so many amazing things!)
  • less environmental impact

Food is social and meant to be enjoyed with others; but the best plates of food are those that everyone can eat with gusto regardless of the vegan label.

Try a Middle Eastern Meze. It is a variety of small dishes meant to be shared and often there is good selection of plant-based items e.g. hummus, falafel, baba ghanoush, fattoush salad, tabbouleh, muhumarra.

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