Meatless Monday – The Morning After

My cookbook collection just got richer, a box full of sweets was devoured in record time and I walked away with some “aha” and “hmm interesting” thoughts. Yes the annual Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival has come and gone and today’s Meatless Monday is doing a review.

The Veg Food Fest is in its 31st year and it is still free to attend. There are workshops, lectures, demos, a movie screening as well as oodles of vegetarian/vegan food for sale and sample. I usually go all 3 days but this year decided to only attend one day. I missed the screening of the following film which explores the ‘food is medicine’ idea.

Plant Pure Nation

Having seen Forks Over Knives at a previous festival and familiar with the gist of The China Study, I figured this film was along the same vein, i.e. reiterating the health benefits of a plant-based diet.

The usual suspects were there too: Vitamix, vegan-friendly skin care products and all manner of sweat treats and vegan pizza. Though the title of the festival includes the word ‘vegetarian’, it seemed the topics and food were more vegan. Don’t know if there was even an egg or any dairy on site.

One of the standouts for me was vegan cheese or uncheese or cheeze. Artisan vegan cheese making is a ‘thing’ and it has evolved from plastic imitations with hard-to-pronounce ingredients to sophisticated and tasty fare. Of note were:

  • Earth Balance They sampled their new slices, due in Canadian markets soon.
  • Zengarry– Fauxmagerie
    If you “love cheese but not the dairy

I attended 3 workshops. Here’s the lowdown:

Getting Brunchy With Greens with Jessica Nadel
Interesting concept and a demo of egg-less quiche. The secret ingredient is chickpea flour though there seemed to be more of that than actual greens.
Cupcakes and Kale

Wine & Food pairings – Vegan Styles! with A Vine Romance and guest Miyoko of Artisan Vegan Life
A delightful couple and fabulous presentation full of humour and knowledge. She’s vegan and he’s not but together they work – just like a perfectly paired wine and vegan cheese. They host wine tasting/pairing events. Miyoko Schinner was on hand to pass around her ash cheese samples and they were simply lovely! This was my favourite workshop of the event.
A Vine Romance
Artisan Vegan Life

How To Be A Vegan Athlete
Meagan Duhamel is a pair skater, Olympic medalist and world champion (2015). She discussed her personal 7 year journey of being a vegan athlete. New word of the day is Planthlete – a plant athlete whose fuel is plants not animals!

It’s Coming October/November! Watch this space…

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