Take2 Chocolates and Call Me in the Morning

I just read an article saying that dark chocolate can help relieve persistent coughs.


Sure enough, a quick troll on the Internet brought up a number of sites that suggest theobromine, a naturally occurring substance in chocolate, may be effective in suppressing the nerve involved in coughing.

Luckily I have been getting my fair share of theobromine. The cool autumn weather marks the start of my chocolate season and I have been indulging weekly in all manner of chocolate treats.

And my current chocolate destination of choice? Soma, located in Toronto, Canada.


They produce a decadent drink called the spicy Mayan. It’s dark chocolate, spices and your choice of added water/milk. You could also have it straight up as the ancient warriors, who originally concocted this drink, did.

The possibility of theobromine cough medicine could become a reality! It doesn’t appear to have the same side effects as codeine (ie drowsiness) and I’m sure it would taste better than Buckleys. Yet another reason to include dark chocolate as part of a healthy diet!

Regardless of the results of further research, I challenge everyone to have a chocolate day every week; eating the good stuff in moderation and savouring every morsel without feeling guilty for doing so.

Are you up for the challenge?

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