I find an irrestibly simple and delicious recipe on the blog Chef in Disguise. Given my love of dates, I had to share this. Next item on the grocery list: ready-made date paste.

Chef in disguise

After spending over a year here in the UAE, some of the local recipes started finding their way into my kitchen. To be honest, at first, the Emirati cuisine was hard to tackle for me because it is so different from the Levantine cuisine. While recipes in Palestine, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon focus heavily on vegetables (especially leafy greens), fruits, olive oil and a variety of grains and seeds, the Gulf cuisine focuses on rice based recipes for the main course and date based recipes for dessert with heavy use of ghee in both categories.

I have to admit that my expat nostalgia  was making me focus on all that is missing rather than trying to enjoy what’s new and different.With time, I began to try new recipes without prejudgment and with those trials I found things that I liked and then things that I loved. The common denominator in…

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