Around the World in 80 Bites – Bite 13

Bite 13
Baked Beans

It’s Saturday night and I’m making baked beans!

Saturday nights were always baked beans night in my household growing up. The beans were soaked overnight then cooked in a crock pot on low heat for several hours, ready to be served Saturday night. Molasses and brown sugar sweetened the mix of navy beans and water while dry mustard and a pork product lent a savoury balance. Later on, I discovered Heinz beans (both the Canadian and British version) and later Watties beans from New Zealand, in which tomato sauce dominates. Now I bake my own beans using molasses, maple syrup,mustard and ketchup as flavourings, along with a little apple cider vinegar and ginger for help with digestion.

Navy beans are an economical source of vegetarian protein and provide fiber and nutrients (folate, manganese, vitamin B1 and iron amongst others). For a full profile on the benefits of navy beans, check out the following link:

Navy Beans – World’s Healthiest Foods

For a primer of molasses, check out our previous post:

Meatless Monday – Vegging Out on Viola Desmond Day

And yes, Boston Baked Beans bears an uncanny resemblance to Nova Scotia Baked Beans.
Nova Scotia-style Baked Beans – The Worldwide Gourmet


3 thoughts on “Around the World in 80 Bites – Bite 13

  1. I prefer the British version. My mother used to make chapati and lentil soup every Sunday. I had friends that literally spent Sunday in my house waiting for dinner. Cute isn’t it?

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