Quick Kitchen Fix

They were already in the oven and well on their way to being fully baked when I realized something.

I forgot to add sugar to the muffin batter!

Though I try to cut down on the amount of sugar I add to recipes, I still like a little sweetness. Muffins without any sugar is unthinkable! I waited until they came out of the oven and I Macgyvered a solution from knowledge of and experience with basbousa and baklava.

Both these sweet treats get baptized in a flood of sugar syrup after they come out of the oven. The warmth of being freshly baked allows the syrup to soak in and further sweeten these Mediterranean sweets.

Once my muffins came out of the oven, I poked them with a skewer and poured sugar syrup on top so that it would soak through the pinholes. Solution successful! Once cooled, I tasted them, and save for a bit of stickiness, they were delightful.

A sugar syrup can be made by boiling equal parts water and sugar until the mixture becomes homogenous. The mixture then simmers until ready to use. Use a ratio of 3:1 or 2:1 water to liquid sweetener for a satisfyingly sweet yet reduced-sugar syrup.


2 thoughts on “Quick Kitchen Fix

  1. Ha ha that happened to me once. Can you imagine? I realized 3 minutes after I put them in. I didn’t think about sugar syrup, so I quickly scraped them off the paper cases, back into the bowl and back again into the oven. It wasn’t a very pleasant experience but we did have the muffins, the next day, for breakfast! If ever, there is a next time, I shall try the sugar syrup solution. These days I’m pretty alert!

    1. You too?! Yes not a pleasant experience indeed. I considered taking them out and doing as you did but they already had a crust forming. Glad it worked out in your case. The sugar syrup trick does work in a pinch though.

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