Meatless Monday – World Vegan Month: Cashews & Calcium

Meatless Monday, the vegan diet and calcium

A number of years ago,  I bought MimicCreme (pictured below on far right) and it was like magic. I used it in place of cream in pumpkin pie and Irish Cream and it helped produce a silky smooth texture.

The main ingredients in my homemade vegan Irish cream.
The main ingredients in my homemade vegan Irish cream.

This vegan cream substitute was made with nuts (almonds and cashews) and contained no lactose, gluten or soy. Sadly, it seems the company that made it is no longer.

However, cashews still exist and it is possible to make one’s own cashew cream. Simply soak 1 cup of cashews for at least a few hours. Drain then blend in a high-speed food processor with 3/4 cup of fresh water. Mix with some coconut milk or organic soy milk and add to soups, muffins and other recipes calling for dairy cream. And speaking of dairy…

People are often shocked to hear that you can get calcium from sources other than a cow. Leafy greens such as kale and collard, tempeh, tahini (sesame seed paste), blackstrap molasses, fortified drinks (i.e. non-dairy milk and orange juice), bok choy, broccoli and navy beans contain significant amounts of calcium. Make sure to have these foods with a source of vitamin D and some magnesium for better absorption. Calcium is best taken in a synergy.

Calcium in the vegan diet

Calcium and Vitamin D

25 Vegan Sources for Calcium

Your challenge this week:
Make cashew cream and use it in a recipe calling for dairy (either milk or cream).


3 thoughts on “Meatless Monday – World Vegan Month: Cashews & Calcium

  1. I have a raw plate of cashew nuts right here with me. It’s my most favourite snack. I am bookmarking this right now. Thanks for the new information!

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