“Don’t know why, there’s no sun up in the sky…”

…soupy weather.
The heat and humidity of summer have given way to the cold and damp of autumn and pre-winter weather. It is time to alter eating habits and eat for the season: cold weather and soups go together well.

Soup makes for a great meal. It often contains all macronutrients (i.e. fat, protein and carbs), is nutritious and nurturing. It’s easy-to-make, adaptable to a wide variety of tastes and a great way to keep up your hydration levels.

Soup tips

  • If using prepared soup, opt for low-sodium. Add fresh veggies to the soup when heating it through to up your veggie quotient.
  • Use scraps from cutting veggies to make your own soup stock. Add a teaspoon of miso paste or marmite for an added flavour element.
  • Invest in a hand-held blender to make puréed soups.
  • Busy life? Toss all ingredients into a crock pot in the morning and enjoy a hot soup when you arrive home from work/school.
  • A thermos is an environmental and budget friendly option that allows you to bring a comforting soup along with you wherever you go.
  • Starches such as potato, rice and cashews help to thicken a soup without the use of high-fat dairy/non-dairy cream.
  • Magic ingredients that all soups must contain for optimum flavour: onion, garlic, salt and thyme.
  • Stumped for soup ideas? Just about anything goes with soup. Be inspired by your favourite salad ingredients, signature dishes from various cultures around the globe or simply search the internet.

Most Popular Vegetarian Soup Recipes
from vegetarian.about.com


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