Meatless Monday – World Vegan Month & Nutrients

It’s Meatless Monday and the last Monday of World Vegan Month. Here are some vitamins that vegans must take care to be sure that they get enough of.

B12, zinc, iron, vitamin D, calcium and iodine

While you can take supplements and consume fortified foods, there are other sources of the following vitamins:

B12 – nutritional yeast, supplements
Zinc – oatmeal, nuts/seeds, legumes
Iron – beans, deep leafy green vegetables
Vitamin D – fortified foods, (sunshine)
Calcium – see previous post  Meatless Monday – World Vegan Month: Cashews & Calcium
Iodine – sea vegetables, iodized salt

A note about iron supplements:
There are vegetable sources of iron supplements available over the counter but serious supplementation (i.e. therapeutic doses) requires an Rx from your doctor. If you have had your iron levels formally tested and your family doctor declares that you are anemic, then they will likely write a prescription for iron tablets. These are often animal-derived so request a vegan alternative.

Essentials of Vegan Nutrition and a Vegan Diet

Vegan Nutrition Information Basics 101

Recommended Supplements for Vegans

Your final challenge?
Sustain a vegan diet for another month of Meatless Mondays!



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