Meatless Monday – Holiday Meals Around the Globe

For many in Canada, December is all about stuffed birds and tourtière (Québec meat pie). Holiday food traditions of various cultures usually involves some sort of meat product but there are options for the vegetarian/vegan.

Vegetarian Tourtière Recipe from Canadian Living

Today is the last day of Chanukah and two of the main staples of this holiday are oil and potatoes.

Food is traditionally fried to represent the ‘miracle oil’ used to light the menorah for eight days. Feature some heart-friendly olive oil in your recipes during this time.

Potatoes are used to make latkes, a fried potato pancake. Mix grated potatoes with some oil, bread crumbs, binding agent (egg or flax/chia egg substitute), salt and pepper and bake in the oven instead of frying. Serve with a source of vegetarian protein and generous portion of vegetables in olive oil dressing.

  • Australia and new Zealand
    Christmas down under happens during the summer season. Try a beach BBQ theme of meat-free sandwiches, salads and tropical drinks with Christmas flavours.  And have vegetarian or vegan pavlova for afters.
  • Jamaica
    It’s summer weather year round on this Caribbean island. Have the festive Christmas drink, sorrel, and a meal of rice and peas (actually beans) with red peppers and green peas to add festive colour.
  • Italy
    The feast of the 7 fishes and panettone (fruitcake) are holiday classics. Unless you’re a pescatarian, you won’t be having any fish but you can keep the seafood theme with a feast of 7 seaweed.

A Feast of 7 Seaweeds

  1. Nori -The most famous of edible seaweed; it encircles your sushi.
  2. Kelp – You can buy this powdered and use in place of salt for seasoning.
  3. Dulse – A popular item in the Maritimes. Apparently it tastes like bacon? Dulse 101
  4. Kombu – Once boiled, this can be used in a variety of vegetable dishes. Kombu recipes
  5. Wakame – It’s full of minerals and can be used in soup or salad. Wakame Seaweed Salad
  6. Irish moss – Carrageen, a food additive, is derived from Irish moss but could it be the next superfood?
  7. Agar – This is the vegetarian alternative to gelatin. It comes powdered or flaked.



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