Meatless Monday – A Toast

What’s the big deal with toast? It seems to be all the rage lately and there’s even a cookbook on it.

Toast: The Cookbook

Besides toast and jam and avocado toast there is a plethora of combinations possible both simple and refined. Whether sweet or savoury, toast can make a hearty meatless meal; think open-faced sandwich. With enough imagination, a variety of ingredients and money, the options are limitless.

Good bread is key. Choose whole grain, Ezekiel or sourdough for their hearty flavour and nutrients. Depending on the toppings, a thick cut may be best. Toast in oven or toaster (well duh).

Here are some vegetarian and vegan combo suggestions:

  • avocado with egg
  • tofu scramble and tempeh bacon
  • hummus with red pepper
  • baked beans on toast (a classic)
  • grilled eggplant, zucchini and tomato with halloumi cheese
  • any nut/seed butter with dried fruit/jam (e.g. almond butter with dried berries; tahini with dried apricot and dates)
  • shredded cabbage and carrot drizzled with a spicy peanut sauce
  • mushrooms, mustard and cheese

What are your ideas for fancying up your toast?


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