Around the World in 80 Bites – Bite 16

Open Sesame – Can you tell me how to get to sesame sweet?

There’s something magical about the taste of sesame seeds sweetened with liquid sugar i.e. maple syrup, maple butter and/or honey. (Let’s not mention liquid glucose, corn syrup or that evil of modern-day industrial inventions, high fructose corn syrup). A bowl of oatmeal mixed with tahini (sesame seed paste) and maple butter is simply delightful; it’s like healthy halvah.

halvah = an Arabic confection made with tahini, a sort of Middle Eastern form of marzipan.

Sesame seeds contain essential oils, calcium and iron amongst many other minerals.

Sesame seeds – The World’s Healthiest Foods

Sesame seeds, both black and white, can be left as is, ground into a paste or made into an oil. It has both sweet and savoury applications.

Hummus; babaghanouj; Asian inspired stir fry; salad dressing; falafel sauce; an addition to also cookies, muffins and bread.

Store hulled sesame seeds in the fridge to help prevent the oils from going rancid too quickly.



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