Sugar Sunday – It’s my Easter Birthday

If bread be the staff of life, then let me eat it all day long!

Every now and then, March babies, like myself, will have a birthday that falls on Easter. This is one of those years. Whether you celebrate this holiday (Easter not my birthday) or not, you will probably come across an assortment of Easter breads somewhere in the Western world. Following is a link from the Kitchn website on 15 Easter Breads from Around the World:

Other breads with religious significance are challah, a yeasted sweet Jewish bread often braided; pretzels, said to be shaped in the form of hands crossed in prayer and communion bread, used in Catholic ritual.

Let them eat cake.”

Breaking news!

This year I decided to forgo an official cake for my birthday. Yes, shocking I know. I did make spring-themed cupcakes, though, and used the leftover batter and icing to make a small cake fit for a Lilliputian. This will serve as my non-traditional birthday treat.

Life is sweeter with a bit of sugar in it but even better when consumed in a reasonable amount. In keeping with the theme of National Nutrition Month (the 100 meal journey – making small changes one meal at a time), I challenge you to skip the super-size and candle-laden cake and partake in one of the following instead to mark your special day:

  • a piece of fair-trade chocolate
  • a glass of dessert wine or champagne
  • a slice of pie
  • a scoop of ice cream
  • a small cupcake

It’s my party and I won’t have cake if I don’t want to.


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