Meatless Monday – Last Call

Meatless Monday 

St. Patrick’s Day may be long gone, but the potato still reigns supreme as comfort food in the changeable weather that is March.

As is often cited in the history of the Irish, the potato famine of the 1800s destroyed their staple crop forcing many of the survivors to flee their homeland for greener potato-filled pastures. Here are two recipes with a spirit o’ the Irish that feature the illustrious spud.

Colcannon potato salad

Simply wash, peel and chop an organic potato into cubes. (I’m rather partial to Yukon gold.) Steam with ¼ cup of frozen peas, then let cool. Take a quarter of a head of Savoy cabbage and shred or chop finely. Mix with the cooled potato and peas then mix with some mayonnaise, and a sprinkling of onion powder, sea salt and dried parsley, rosemary and thyme. Chill then serve. Et voila! Result below:


Photo by Kimberley (c)2016
Photo by Kimberley (c)2016

Leek potato soup

Keep water from the above recipe from steaming the potato.

In pan with a little water, cook one cleaned and finely chopped leek. After a few minutes, add one finely chopped garlic clove; stir. Add some nutritional yeast, thyme and salt along with a teaspoon of grapeseed oil. Stir and cook a few minutes more. Add 1 organic potato that has been washed, peeled and chopped into cubes; stir. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and stir. Add 3 cups of water (and optional vegetable stock cube) and turn heat to high. Once the water boils, turn heat down to medium and add ¼ cup of washed cashew nuts. Cook 30 minutes at medium. If potatoes are not tender, turn heat to medium-low then cook an additional 10 minutes. Turn heat off and let cool. Purée soup with an immersion blender and add more water if you prefer a more watery consistency. Served topped with freshly ground black pepper. Et voila! Result below:


Photo by Kimberley (c)2016

Besides Ireland, the potato has strong association with Peru where there are reportedly over 3000 varieties of potatoes!



4 thoughts on “Meatless Monday – Last Call

  1. The salad looks particularly yummy! This might have to be one of my packed-lunch salads for work this week!

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