Getting your greens

I am taking a (spinach) leaf from the book of Tracye McQuirter and making a pledge to have my greens everyday. Tracye is a long time vegan, successful author and public health nutritionist. To learn more about her and about a vegan lifestyle, check out her site:

So how does one go about getting their greens on a daily basis? Well first off, you have to buy them (or grow them if you can). A combination of frozen and fresh greens ensures you have a good supply to last awhile. This way you won’t have to shop every other day. Once you have them, here’s what you can do with them:

  • Purée and add to the ever popular smoothie bowl or just a smoothie.
  • Purée them to make a pesto. Spinach, basil and walnuts go well together for a makeshift poor person’s pesto.
  • Throw fresh greens into a soup or stew.
  • Dump your sandwich filling onto a bed of greens and have the bread on the side. Chickpea ‘eggy’ salad and kale anyone?
  • Have them for breakfast in a frittata or scramble.
  • Snack on them. Kale chips anyone?
  • Pack into portable pockets of dough along with other vegetables and/or legumes. Perhaps rice, peas and callaloo for a Jamaican inspired hand pie?
  • Bake into a pie and serve for dinner.

Some shopping tips:

  • Try to always buy organic and fresh.
  • Try different greens when they are in season.
  • Buy bulk and don’t discount the discounted greens being sold near closing time. Keep enough raw greens in the fridge (a few servings worth) then freeze the rest. To freeze, wash and dry the greens then place them in an air-tight freezer bag. Or just buy bags of already frozen greens, especially when they’re on sale.
  • A loss of colour in your greens means a loss of nutrients. Make sure your greens are bona fide green.

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