Raining Cats and dogmas

Diets are like religion. They should be added to the list of topics not to be discussed in polite company (along with politics and religion).

The dogma of diets

Everyone thinks that theirs is the best: vegan, paleo, low carb/no carb, Atkins, wheat belly, etc. There are even those who espouse the benefits of an ingredient-centric diet: e.g. the cabbage soup diet and grapefruit diet.

A sense of self-righteousness about one’s diet can lead to a very restrictive eating regime and discount the fact that we are all individuals who require customized eating plans that take into account our health, preferences and individual make up.

Various studies promote and/or denounce the pros and cons of a particular diet. Do your own research and find the diet that is right for you. Seek a connection with those who share your choice and try to understand why others have chosen theirs.


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