Meatless Monday – A book review

I just finished reading the book By Any Greens Necessary by Tracye McQuirter.

McQuirter is a vegan, public speaker and nutritionist and in this book she shares her journey to becoming and staying meat-free. There are the usual recipes with a few mouthwatering photos along with a number of vegan resources. Several chapters on the horrors of the meat industry take up the bulk of this book while there are a few chapters on transitioning to a vegan diet for health and weight management.

Being vegetarian and mostly vegan for a good deal of my life now, I found most of the information to be very familiar. I also found the passion of the author overshadowed her exposé of the meat industry. The sources at the end of this book suggested that there was substance behind the sensationalism.

I would recommend this book as an appetizer to anyone new to the vegan experience. For those already familiar with veganism, this book is an easy read that reiterates what we already know. And the selection of recipes would appeal to many people. (I must try that strawberry cheesecake one…)

For more about the author, see her site:

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