Meatless Monday – Too Hot to Cook

Current temperature is 32 but feels like 34.

When you gotta eat but it’s too hot to turn on the stove, what do you have besides the usual ‘rabbit food’ ie salads? Here are some suggestions for creative meatless fare:

  • lettuce wraps using a dark leafy green (eg kale, collard) to envelope some veggies and nut/seed butter.
  • pizza with bites of cheese (dairy or non-dairy), raw veggies and a mixture of ground nuts and spices on whole grain pita bread
  • stuffed raw peppers filled with prepared kidney beans, salsa and avocado slices (it is at times like these that ready-made foods come in handy)
  • overnight oats topped with fresh berries from the farmers’ market and a drizzle of maple syrup – just cuz.
  • yoghurt mixed with fresh herbs served on top of shaved zucchini slices
  • Vietnamese inspired rolls – rice paper filled with 3 types of bell peppers and some fresh basil, mint or coriander

And not one stove burner harmed in the making of any of these recipes.

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