O Canada Day

O, Canada

Refreshing Mint Tea

This ‘recipe’ is Moroccan inspired with a Canadian twist: Moroccan mint tea with Canadian ingredients.


  • 1 cup/ 250 mL water
  • Handful of mint (Canadian-grown of course!)
  • 1 TBSP. Maple Syrup (from Quebec)


  1. Boil water. Pour over mint leaves and let steep at least 5 minutes.
  2. When ready, either remove mint or leave in for an extra strong taste.
  3. Add maple syrup. Stir until syrup is dissolved.

The amount of mint and maple syrup can be tailored to your personal taste. If it’s actually summer weather on Canada Day (hopefully hot!), you can make a big batch and put it in the fridge over night for refreshing iced tea. In this case, strain the mint leaves before serving.

Sweet treat

Here’s an easy way to make use of Canadian produce and wow the crowd at a Canada Day party.


  • Ontario strawberries (they are in season around June – perfect timing!)
  • couverture white chocolate – CallebautCallebaut or Valrhona will do nicely (make sure it’s fair trade!)
  • (option: pure maple syrup candy for garnish)
  1. In the top of a double boiler, melt white chocolate. Stir occasionally. Remove from heat just before completely melted. Let sit until completely melted.
  2. Wash and thoroughly dry strawberries. Optional: remove stems.
  3. Use a regular spoon to drizzle white chocolate onto middle of strawberry. Make sure the tip and base of strawberry are visible to resemble the Canadian flag. Amount: about 1 spoonful per strawberry
  4. Place finished strawberries on parchment paper and let harden in the fridge.
  5. Just prior to serving your guests, assemble the edible Canadian flag by lying the strawberry down with the maple sugar candy propped on the white chocolate.

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