Meatless Monday – O Canada

For all the Meatless Mondays in July, Weal Food features food from Canada.

Vegetarians and vegans can eat well in Canada, particularly in the larger city centres e.g. Vancouver and Toronto. And in places where the options are fewer, a little creativity and local produce can be macgyvered into a meatless meal.

Besides big cities, check out university towns and ‘ethnic’ restaurants (a problematic term but used here to denote food other than the British fare that is typical of much of the country) for meatless options.

And for some unique meatless experiences across the country, check out:

For a list of vegetarian/vegan restaurants across the country, see the listings on Happy Cow:

For a list of vegetarian organizations throughout the country, see the following link:

See also, a previous O Canada Meatless Monday post:


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