Meatless Monday – What Happens in Vegas…

…stays in Vegas and if the Ag-Gag Laws pass, the same will be said about factory farms.

While New Zealand has passed a law recognizing animals as sentient beings (and harming them e.g. cosmetic testing is a punishable offence), neighbouring Australia and the US have been debating Ag-gag laws.

Ag-gag is a term that food journalist and author Mark Bittman invented. It refers to a law put forth by big agri-business (‘ag’) that would silence (‘gag’) those who disseminate undercover images and footage that show what really happens behind closed factory doors. Essentially it is an anti-whistleblower law that would make it illegal to film and distribute any images obtained without consent of the owner of the business in question. All those involved may be prosecuted, from makers of the images to such organizations as the Humane Society and Mercy for Animals for showing them.

Besides animal welfare issues, there are also issues of sanitation, unsafe working conditions and possible human rights violations that may also be caught on film. Videos could serve as evidence in these cases where workers may be reluctant to report abuses of any kind by their employers.

These images are one of the reasons some people choose to become vegetarian/vegan and force some commercial farming businesses to be more transparent in their practices.

If slaughterhouses had glass walls, the whole world would be vegetarian. ~Linda McCartney~

For more discussion on the potential impact of ag-gag laws, see the following:


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