Morgan Freeman for President!

Save the bees!

Morgan Freeman converts his ranch to bee haven

Without bees, we would be without many of the foods we take for granted ie fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs. These foods have become staples in our diet and we are used to them always being available.

Besides a dearth of bees, other threats to our food security are: affordability, accessibility, and politics.

While there are government subsidies for unhealthy foods, healthy foods such as produce or organic items are out of reach for many people on tight budgets and limited job security.

In an interesting twist on politics and food security, the city of Toronto is taking initiatives in being a bee-friendly city.

Besides becoming a bee-keeper, lobbying for an affordable and accessible food supply and voting for government officials committed to making this happen, fostering a bee-friendly environment will help to ensure food security of the foods pollinated by bees.






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