Meatless Monday – Here we go again

The face of veganism

Two things happened recently. I got scolded for not eating meat and someone said to me, “Since when did you become vegan? Being vegan is such a white thing.”

Once again I encountered someone who seemed very concerned that I didn’t eat any meat. She attributed my sore shoulder with a lack of animal protein in my diet and emphasized the importance of needing protein by which she meant animal. She said that I was weak because I didn’t eat meat. She is an amateur athlete who eats tons of meat and sells Herbalife products lecturing me on what I should be eating to get stronger. Never mind that there are other reasons I have shoulder issues (occupation, car accident, muscle imbalance). Why not just put it down to the fact that I don’t eat meat. Besides, she has a vegetarian friend who is weak and tired therefore all vegetarians/vegans must be weak and tired too. I said my peace with her and moved on. I will no longer participate in her Bootcamp.

Eating an unhealthy diet with an imbalance of macronutrients and insufficient micronutrient intake is prevalent in both a meat-based and vegetarian diet. If you don’t go meatless properly you will be weak and tired just as you would if you ate only processed and refined food and tons of meat.

On a side note, if you are considering going vegetarian or vegan and need some guidance, I can help. I am a holistic nutritionist and (mostly) vegan. Get in touch via the Contact page.

As for the comment that vegan is a “white thing”, check out the following links for notable vegans of African descent.

We were able to agree that being vegan is partly a privilege thing. Choosing to eat a meatless diet is possible when you have access to a varied and affordable supply of nutritious food. These days it is almost a trendy thing to be a vegan, though if you were living in poverty and starving you may not be so choosy about what you are willing to eat.

My eating habits have morphed over time from omnivore to herbivore and various shades in between. Healthy eating is a lifestyle and yes it can be done meat-free.



4 thoughts on “Meatless Monday – Here we go again

  1. While choosing to be vegan may be a privileged position in some countries, for many other places it is the only option. Meat is an expensive proposition in many countries throughout Asia and Africa. Since you have the option to choose how to live your life, it is wonderful to see you doing it despite the strange opposition from your friends.

    1. Hi and thanks for your comment. It certainly can be challenging to find good food and understanding of personal choices. And yes commercially available meat is unaffordable for many people. I wonder what range of vegan options they have? Food security is becoming an increasingly important topic of interest to me.

      1. I think many governments are beginning to worry about it. I read recently that 98% of the population is being fed by 2% of it. As independent farmers become rarer, questions about how and where we get our food will become intense. I hope you continue to have more stories about this topic in the future! I’m looking forward to reading your perspective.

  2. Hi Bespoke traveler and thanks for your comment. I have heard similar statistics. It seems a significant amount of food being grown by agribusiness is for biofuel and animal feed. Food security is definitely a topic about which I am becoming more passionate. Lots more related posts in the works!

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