Meatless Monday – Meatless, Wheatless and Tasty

A peek at Kupfert and Kim

Kupfert and Kim serves vegan and gluten-free fare and currently has 5 locations in Toronto. This “quick serve” restaurant, as stated on their website (sounds so much better than fast food), uses compostable take-out containers and aims to use locally sourced and organic foods as much as possible.

I had been meaning to check them out and the combination of little work and lots of time led me into one of their more recently opened locations. With little work comes limited money so I wanted to get my money’s worth. The gluten-free waffle with vanilla cashew cream for $8.20 plus tax (August 2016 price) was worth every penny. Ironically this breakfast item is also on the dessert menu. Never mind as I was impressed enough to return for more. The superfood mains sound enticing: salads, bowls and burger consisting of kale, hemp and quinoa prepared with a variety of complete plant protein, nuts/seeds and other healthy vegetables. Smoothies, desserts and sides round out the menu.

Photo by Kimberley (c)2016
Photo by Kimberley (c)2016

K&K have been featured in some major local magazines, blog and on Food Network Canada. They also cater and deliver.

With talk of the inadequacy of plant protein, I am happy to see their mains feature an assortment of protein containing grains, seeds and vegetables, the combination of which makes for a protein-rich plant-based meal. Judging by their popularity and my first meal, it is tasty too!

It is refreshing to have yet another option for affordable, delicious and nutritious vegan food in the GTA.

GTA = Greater Toronto Area 






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