Meatless Monday – Fall in line

With the rise of the harvest moon a few days ago and the calendar start to autumn, it’s time to switch the diet from meatless salads to dishes made with fall foods. A few of these are items apples, pumpkins, squash and sweet potatoes.

Besides nutritional value, these foods can form the basis of hearty and comforting meals. Here are just a few recipe ideas:

  • apples: apple sage dressing with tofu and gravy; apple, sage and cheese (dairy or non-dairy) pie
  • pumpkins: curried and served  with wild rice; sage soup made with a bit of apple
  • squash: stuff with a mixed vegetable quinoa; add to a Moroccan-style tajine with couscous
  • sweet potatoes: stew with peanut butter; pie with lentils and kale

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