Meatless Monday – Trick or Tartrazine

Photo and cake by Kimberley (c)2016

There’s trouble brewing in the pumpkin patch. The pigs have taken over and instead of people eating bacon, it’s the pigs eating the people, leaving a trail of marzipan bones.

Vegan chocolate and icing with gingerbread s'more pigs and marzipan skeleton Photo and cake by Kimberley (c)2016
Vegan chocolate cake and chocolate icing with gingerbread s’more pigs, candies pumpkins and marzipan skeleton
Photo and cake by Kimberley (c)2016

In cake, this scene is not so frightening. In real life, however, the scene in factory farms is full of cruelty and abuse to animals raised for food: overcrowding; lack of fresh air and natural light; animals living in their own filth; misuse of antibiotics; sick/injured animals often neglected; beating of animals by workers and more. This causes some people to become vegetarians while even those who continue eating meat find these practices disturbing.

To learn more, see the following links:

Candy corn and candy pumpkins (pictured above) contain tartrazine, a known carcinogen. Do you dare binge on these?

And due to their unethical practices, boycott Halloween treats from Nestlé.

KitKat, aero bar, coffee crisp, smarties, butterfinger, crunch, nerds, baby Ruth, gobstoppers, oh Henry, milky bar 




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