Buffet Food Tips

A buffet is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the taste buds. In spite of what our vision would have us believe, the usual healthy eating rules apply: eat slowly, chew your food well and have a balanced meal. Here are some other tips for healthy buffet dining.

  • Keep your portions minimal. You can always go back for seconds if something was really good.
  • Avoid overfilling your plate. If there is too much choice and you must have it all, then eat the perishables first (eg salads, rice dishes) and save the portables (eg bread, muffins, banana, etc.) for later.
  • ‘Glass half full’ If having juice, mix a 50:50 ratio with water. Juice may be natural but it is still full of sugar.
  • Fresh fruit for breakfast is good but too much is still a lot of sugar. Pair with oatmeal for a regulating effect on blood sugar.
  • Don’t see something you like/can eat? Ask the staff about customizing your meal. With a dearth of plant protein in the selection I asked the chef if he could do peas (beans) and rice. Into the kitchen he went and out he came with this local dish. I also ask for pizza without cheese and a boiled egg is usually easy to whip up if you don’t want an omelette. No need to be limited to all the greasy saucy foods.
  • Foods to eat sparingly, if at all, are the high GI (glycemic index) foods: white bread/rice, muffins, cakes, danish and other breakfast pastries and desserts. Temper the effect these foods have on your blood sugar by eating high fibre foods in the same sitting (eg salad, beans, etc.)

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