Meatless Monday – the Bahamas

Kimberley’s kitchen travels

I now find that jams, spices and honey are my preferred souvenirs when I travel. (Occasionally, alcohol, chocolate and cooking oils make the list too depending on the region.)

On my recent trip to the Bahamas, I picked up some guava jam, tamarind glaze, local honey (from the island of Andros) and hot chocolate powder. These proved to be the most vegetarian and vegan friendly foods that are typical in the islands of the Bahamas. Other naturally meat-free dishes include peas (beans) and rice, guava duff (cake), grits, rum cake, plantains and the iconic alcoholic beverages of sky juice and the Bahama mama. Baked macaroni and cheese and coconut tarts are also widely found.

It was uncertain whether any of the locally produced rums were vegetarian/vegan friendly and there’s a good chance that the peas and rice were prepared with some type of animal broth. Pastry for the coconut tarts may have also contained lard. Of course these recipes can be adjusted with some imagination, a willing spirit and numerous recipes online. For vegan recipes from the Caribbean, check out Taymer Mason’s book Caribbean Vegan:

Look out for future posts where I share my experiences performing meat-free alchemy on Bahamian recipes.



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