Life Lessons Through Pastry

When life gives you lemons…
make lemon meringue pie. Baking is an art and a science. Some people love to do it and others don’t. In baking as in life, mishaps can occur; learn from it and move on. And the best part? The mistakes are (usually) edible (or you can macgyver them into something that is).

Lessons Learned through Pastry

Many qualities can be honed through the process of baking: patience, faith and resilience.

Bread baking requires patience. Whether it is during the proofing (leaving the dough to rise) or cooling* phase, bread cannot be rushed. The alchemy of flour, water, yeast and salt takes time.

*As tempting as it may be to eat bread fresh out of the oven, don’t! The cooling phase is the end part of the baking process. If you dig in too early, your bread will still be doughy and not fully baked. 

When baking, you have to trust that the ingredients you mix and the recipe you follow will yield the desired results. The proof really is in the pudding as you can’t taste test or preview your food until the food is baked; then it’s too late to change it. Have faith in the baking gods.

After kitchen fails and recipe disasters, one may want to give up and hang up their wooden spoons forever. The lesson learned through pastry is to get back up after being knocked down and bake on. Rise from the ashes of your burnt cake and resolve to come back stronger with your next bake.


4 thoughts on “Life Lessons Through Pastry

  1. Yes, my friend! Never give up, especially with things like baking, cooking and crafting! That’s how we learn and improvise.

    Have fun always! Cheers~ 😀

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