Meatless Monday – Global plates

Much has been said about the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet. Remove the fish, the small amount of red meat eaten and maybe the dairy and you have food fit for a vegetarian diet. When determining what to put together for a meatless meal, take inspiration from a global source. Here are some healthy meal planning ideas from around the world:

  • Denmark and open-faced sandwiches: Half the bread and twice the filling, open-faced sandwiches lend themselves well to including a wide variety of vegetables in one meal. Add some egg, cheese or bean purée for some protein.
  • Ethiopia and lentils: Lentils figure heavily in many meals. Make a wot or stew with red lentils for their flavour, fibre and nutrient content.
  • India and spices: Spices have been the subject of studies into the health benefits of certain foods. Eg. Ginger and turmeric are said to be anti-inflammatory. The bonus is that spices typical in vegetarian Indian cuisine also act as a digestive aid.

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