Sugar Saturday – Not just for dessert anymore

Apparently the first Saturday in February is eat ice cream for breakfast day! Supposedly there are health benefits in having this sweet creamy treat to start the day.

The base of ice cream is custard (egg yolks and cream) sweetened with granulated sugar and often flavoured with vanilla. Many versions abound: chocolate, neopolitan, wasabi, etc. Vegan versions of ice cream are often made with coconut milk and some type of starch (eg arrowroot, corn) for thickening. While the jury is out on whether ice cream for breakfast truly is healthy, one can take the idea and make an ice cream for breakfast inspired morning snack.

  • A perfect parfait: Layer in clear ice cream bowl oat-based granola, low-sugar jam and ice cream impersonator (ie whipped cream mixed with thick unsweetened yogurt and sweetened with maple syrup and a dash of Tahitian vanilla. If using coconut whip, omit the maple syrup and mix with coconut yogurt.)
  • The banana boat: Fill a sliced banana with avocado chocolate mousse, vanilla coconut cream and sliced strawberries. Sprinkle chia and hemp seeds on top.

Should you choose to have ice cream for breakfast, serve small scoops on top of a whole grain pancake/waffle and sprinkle with nuts.



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