Meatless Monday – And I will cook cornmeal pancakes

Meatless Monday, Bob Marley’s birthday and New Zealand’s National Day all fall on February 6th in 2017. As always, I like to perform recipe alchemy in the kitchen, often with a theme in mind. This Bob Maori Day, I decided to do cornmeal pancakes and butter croissants. The former is experimental so the recipe that follows is a work in progress. The latter has yet to be made but will be baked using New Zealand butter; results to follow later.

Cornmeal porridge is a Jamaican dish often eaten for breakfast. It consists of cornmeal (go figure), spices, milk and sugar. As I didn’t have any cornmeal, I improvised with cornflour and made an alternative breakfast carb: pancakes. The method is fairly simple. Measure and whisk dry ingredients. Measure and whisk wet ingredients. Mix dry and wet together, until mostly smooth; a few lumps are ok. In heated skillet with thin layer of oil pour batter into small circles. When bubbly, flip over and continue baking another minute or so. The following recipe should make about 12 small pancakes. I would suggest that this a single serving, though you may share if you wish.

Dry ingredients: ¼ cup cornflour; ½ tablespoon sugar, ½ teaspoon baking soda; 1/8 teaspoon salt;  pinch each of cassava flour, sweet rice flour, nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice

Wet ingredients: ¼ cup of rice milk; 1 teaspoon coconut yoghurt; dash each of apple cider vinegar and vanilla

Once baked, serve with maple syrup or topping of your choice.

Though these pancakes turned out ok, a few adjustments still need to be made. A higher quantity of spice should be added so that the taste is perceptible. The amount and type of binding agents needs more experimenting. As this is a gluten and egg free recipe it requires the right combination of starches and protein. Next time I will look into guar gum along with arrowroot starch along with some protein powder or perhaps even soy flour. Stay tuned for the new and improved version…


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