Meatless Monday – Bowled over

Bowls aren’t just for soup anymore. The Buddha bowl, often called a hippie bowl, has become popular in all its incarnations. It consists of a colourful array of macronutrients* in a single vessel and can be made to suit a morning, afternoon or evening meal.  Simply combine an assortment of grains, vegetables and protein.

*carbohydrates: rice, quinoa, pasta, vegetables, fruit

*protein: beans, tofu, nuts, eggs

*fat: nut butter, cheese, avocado, vegetable oil, coconut cream

For breakfast, try a smoothie bowl filled with a creamy base (yoghurt; banana blended with nut/coconut milk), fruit and topped with chia seeds, nuts and granola/muesli.

For an afternoon meal, try a deconstructed falafel bowl filled with falafel balls, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, lettuce, pita chips and covered in a tahini sauce.

For an evening meal, try a burrito bowl filled with avocado, quinoa/rice, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), black beans, sweet peppers, onions, corn, cheese and dressed with salsa.

Other delightful combinations are:

  • broccoli, sesame seed and oil, bok choy, mushroom, sweet pepper, tofu, brown rice
  • roasted eggplant, cauliflower, sweet pepper and carrots with chickpeas, couscous and a tahini dressing
  • sweet potato, kale, beets, lentils, quinoa with a lemon dressing

This week take the Buddha bowl challenge! Starting today and ending on Sunday have at least one Buddha bowl meal. Search the Internet for recipes and inspiration.


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