Meatless Monday – Not a hassle at all!

Hasselback potatoes are a typed of baked potato that apparently originated in Sweden. They are made by slicing partlly through the potatoes then, baking them in the oven. Seasonings and fat (eg salt, butter/oil) can be placed in the slits and the potato topped with cheese, nuts or seeds.

The concept of hasselback potatoes can be applied to other vegetables too.

sweet potato, zucchini, eggplant (use lots of oil for this one)

Other ways to serve vegetables creatively:

  • Cut carrots into 1 inch chunks (about 2 finger widths). Make slits in ascending lines around the circumference to form carrot ‘roses’. Steamed ones are easier to slice and the nutrients are more bioavailable.
  • Make onion flowers by cutting 4-8 vertical lines in an onion. Drizzle with oil and bake in the oven.
  • Carve sweet bell peppers like pumpkins and fill with a three sisters (corn, beans, squash) based quinoa mix.

However you choose to serve your vegetables make sure to include some fat and protein (butter/oil, nuts/seeds, cheese, eggs, legumes) with your meal to enhance nutrient absorption, taste and satiety.


One of my more creative vegetable moments: vegan caprese salad bites.




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