Meatless Monday – Vegetables for breakfast

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. However, one of the most important food groups, vegetables, is often missing from the plate. A lament for the missing veg.

Why are you forsaken in the most important meal of the day? A limp side at best, a no-show at worst and the look of disgust when mentioned in the same breath.

Some ways to incorporate vegetables into breakfast dishes.

  • Eggy dishes such as omelettes, frittatas and scramble.
  • Egg-inspired dishes such as tofu scramble and chickpea frittatas.
  • Hidden in baked items such as muffins and pancakes (chocolate zucchini, carrot cake, red beet velvet)
  • In smoothies
  • Savoury surprises in a bowl of oatmeal, on waffles or with beans such as Egyptian ful.
  • Hand pies to go, like a breakfast sandwich.

And what vegetables to incorporate:

  • greens: spinach, kale, callaloo
  • raw bell peppers
  • steamed carrots, asparagus
  • roasted tomatoes
  • cauliflower mash
  • broccoli purée

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