Meatless Monday – The bean challenge

I was just reading an article saying that the best way to get your daily intake of fibre is to eat beans everyday. In order to do so, make a habit of including beans in your diet daily. Start with a couple of tablespoons then work your way up to ½-1 cup.

Meatless Monday – Full of Beans

Good quality canned beans are fine and only require a can opener to prepare. I like Eden organic beans as they have a varied selection and their cans are devoid of the chemical compound BPA (Bisphenol A). You can also purchase dry beans and cook from scratch. With a pressure cooker, the cooking time is cut down considerably. Make sure to soak them first to coax out the phytic acid allowing the nutrients to become bioavailable.  A sample menu plan follows.

Sample menu

Day 1 – mung
Among the easier to digest, mung beans go well with broccoli, miso, ginger, garlic, bok choy and brown rice.

Day 2 – aduki
Sweet or savoury, that is the question. The bean paste used in sweet buns often use aduki beans. Or simply serve with rice and veggies. Aduki are also considered one of the easier beans to digest.

Day 3 – chickpeas
The uses for chickpeas are endless.

Day 4 – black beans
Mix with some diced tomatoes, spices (cumin, coriander, oregano, ground chili pepper), bell peppers and corn. For an extra hit of protein cook in some amaranth and chia seeds. Top with avocado and serve over rice. Or try some black bean brownies!

Day 5 – navy beans
Try this baked bean recipe that uses the navy variety.

Day 6 – kidney beans
Bean salad, vegetarian chili, veggie burgers, beans & rice… Take your pick.

Day 7 – red lentils
Lentils cook quickly (about 30 minutes) and don’t require pre soaking. I recommend soaking them anyways (just overnight) to start the sprouting process for better digestibility. They become mushy and lose their colour so are ideal for use in stews and veggie burgers.


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