Meatless Monday – The maple leaf forever

There can never be too many maple leaf motifs for a festive Canada Day gathering. Here are some ways to incorporate this iconic Canadian symbol in your food besides just using maple syrup. All it takes is a maple leaf cookie cutter.

  • Maple leaf-shaped linzer cookies. The raspberry jam can stand in for the red in the Canadian flag.
  • An ice cream sandwich with chocolate shaped maple leaf cookies and strawberry jam filling.
  • Maple leaf bruschetta with maple leaf-shaped bread dough and oven roasted tomatoes on top.
  • Now that your bread has a maple leaf hole in it, fry in the pan with an egg in the centre. Or serve the bread on a plate and fill with scrambled tofu.
  • Cut watermelon into maple leaf shape for a refreshing snack.
  • After making pancakes, cut them into maple leaf shapes and stack them one on top of the other with a thin spread of maple butter in between. Feel free to shower the stack with blueberries.
  • Place maple leaf cookie cutter on a plate and fill with granola. Spoon some yoghurt (dairy or non-dairy) around the cookie cutter then remove it. Hopefully the maple leaf shape remains in your whimsically plated parfait.

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