Canada 150 – Culinary tour, eh

tarte au sucre pie, tarte au sucre pie

if I don’t get some I think I’m gonna die

~adapted from Alligator Pie by Dennis Lee~

As mentioned previously, Canadian cuisine is varied depending on region, season cultural influence. It makes use of both local and imported ingredients and many Canadians will have a memory and/or experience of many of the following. Here’s a quick Canadian culinary tour.


Newfoundland jiggs dinner, figgy duff and toutons; Nova Scotia lobster roll, donair and oatcakes; PEI potatoes; Acadian meat pie; Quebec sugar pie and tourtière; Montreal style bagels and smoked meat; Saskatchewan canola, wheat, mustard and lentils; Atlantic cod, Alberta beef and Arctic char

Iconic junk food

ketchup chips, hickory sticks, crispy crunch bars, chicken bones, pal-o-mine bars, McCain frozen french fries, tiger tail ice cream, beaver tails, timbits, New Brunswick Crosby molasses; Swiss Chalet chicken and sauce in English Canada and St. Hubert’s poulet in Quebec.

Indigenous people 

pemmican, bannock, maple syrup, birch syrup, salmon candy

Cultural influences

Jamaican patties, Trinidadian doubles, Eastern European perogies, British fish and chips, Italian pizza, Greek shawarma, Middle Eastern falafel, Japanese sushi and some rendition of Chinese food

Iconic foods

poutine, Nanaimo bars, butter tarts


Nanaimo bar trail and the peach festival in BC; butter tart trail in Ontario; vineyard tours in BC and Ontario; chowder trail, Bud the Spud chip truck and Chickenburger in Nova Scotia; PEI lobster supper; various summer food festivals across the country


Saskatoon berries, Ontario macintosh apples, BC cherries, Nova Scotia blueberries, Newfoundland bakeapple, partridge and crowberries; berries and stone fruit in BC, Ontario and Nova Scotia; Taber corn

And try Ricardo’s (Quebec chef) sugar pie recipe

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