Meatless Monday – A quick fix 🇨🇦

While there are many Canadian food items readily available that are naturally meat free, certain Canadian dishes are not. Here are some quick fixes to make iconic Canadian classics meat free.

Popular food such as butter tarts and tourtière use pastry crust that is often made with lard. Simply substitute the lard with a good quality and solid vegetable fat. Coconut oil is a good option and any commercial product without hydrogenated oils and controversial palm oil is also an option.

Canadian bacon shows up in just about everything: sandwiches, doughnuts, salads, etc. You can buy maple smoked tempeh that tries to emulate bacon in look, taste and sizzle or you can make your own using tempeh or even eggplant.

With three oceanic coasts, seafood makes for a popular dish in Canada. Dulse, a seaweed widely available in the east coast, can be used as a salty ‘sea’soning to impart the taste of the ocean to any dish.

And check that your maple syrup is kosher. Previously, animal fat (typically pig) was used to prevent foaming when producing this amber liquid. Kosher, or the pareve label, indicates that no pork product has been used.

And your Canadian mystery box challenge! Use at least three of the following ingredients to create a dish. Tune into next week’s Meatless Monday to get more ideas.

  • maple syrup
  • lentils
  • mustard seed
  • fiddleheads
  • potatoes
  • berries
  • apples
  • sugar pumpkin
  • wheat and red fife flour
  • hemp seed
  • dulse

2 thoughts on “Meatless Monday – A quick fix 🇨🇦

  1. I should try maple smoked tempeh although I’ve never understood why people what to be vegetarians and still try to smell bacon or emulate chicken, beef etc My son is vegetarian!

    1. I agree. It seems ironic to become vegetarian then eat plant-based food that resembles meat. I tried maple smoked tempeh by chance and it’s appeal is the combination of the trinity of tastes: sweet, salty, smokey/umami.

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