Meatless Monday – Give them the finger…food

I know holiday parties may be over now and for some the diet becomes stringent with new year’s resolutions but who says you can’t have party food just for fun? Appetizers need not be reserved for special occasions only. Here are some ideas for having fun with healthy food:

  • Fancy up your ants on a log by spreading crunchy peanut butter on a piece of red pepper
  • Caprese salad bites are easily made by making a sandwich of basil leaf, mozzarella slice and grape tomato half.
  • The classic apple slice with almond butter is always a high-class snack.
  • Pit a date and fill with spiced almond. Alternatively fill with a cinnamon cream cheese (dairy or non-dairy) spread.
  • On cucumber slices, spread some tahini mixed with a drop of tamari sauce and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

My January challenge to you…prepare a fun, healthy and easy-to-make appetizer for every meatless Monday this month.





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