Meatless Monday – Back to basics

Veggielicious is on!

This annual vegetarian food celebration is facilitated by the Toronto Vegetarian Association and features meal deals at participating restaurants during a limited time period. I plan to participate this week.

Life gets busy and my meatless goal of experiencing all vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Toronto have fallen by the wayside. It is high time to revisit that goal. Here are some other ways to cultivate your meatless lifestyle and not just on Mondays.

  • Go to a vegan/vegetarian restaurant at least once a month or once a week if you can afford it. This is easily done in big city centres where there is usually lots of choice.
  • Once a week, try a new vegan/vegetarian recipe. The internet and library are great sources for perusing various recipes and cookbooks.
  • Check out a local vegan/vegetarian association for tips and camaraderie. Eg. Facebook groups, meetup groups, local veg group/festivals.
  • Aim to read a pro-meatless article at least a few times a month to learn more about a meatless lifestyle. Vegetarian Times (magazine) and Happy Cow (website) are some places to look for such articles.
  • Host a seasonal meatless potluck for family and friends: summer bbq; autumn Thanksgiving; winter feast; spring brunch



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